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 We hope to present to the Nutrient Community the information and tools that will help you and your love ones be Healthier, Happier, Stronger, Live Longer and Spend Less on Doctor Bills, Pharmacuticles and Vitamins, plus give you a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in doing it yourself. Also having a great time sharing this new found knowledge and skills with your family, friends & neighbors so they too can share in Your Family Nutrient Accomplishments.

You will learn what the differences are between Hydroponics & Aquaponics and which would be the right choice for you and when you will be ready to implement either one. This site will explain why both are a better choice than dirt in the long run but why the dirt experience may be the correct way to start to obtain good nutrients.  Plus much much more including selecting the right seeds to start with.

 The HGN site has a Photo Library and a PDF Library for Authorized users.  It’s simple to become an authorized user.  Simply give us your e-mail address and first name - You’ve now joined the family. These libraries are jammed pack with photos of making  and maintaining your growing platform and PDFs on how to make things - including some tasty and healthy Italian Family Recipes from the Old World that have never before been published.  We will take you from seeds to harvest to the dinner table. You will also learn how to preserve and prepare your seeds for next season or to share and sell them with friends.

Home Grown Nutrients!

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