About Us

Home Grown Nutrients. We're all about the development of various nutrients that can be produced in the Home enviornment.  In our research center we constently seek the best forms of nutrition and ways that these can be produced in home.  

Good Day Health Seekers.  My name is Howard Bankston. On this nutrition website we will help guide you through the steps to produce your own tasty, nutritious foods. While going through our site you will find easy to understand information that will start you toward a new and interesting way to be Healthier, Happier, and Stronger.  You’ll also be Saving Money and maybe even Making Money too!

From as far back as I can remember I can hear these words ringing through my ears as my Mother would say, “Eat your greens son, they’re good for you”, maybe you've heard that too?

Well it’s true, the Education and Certification that I received at the University of The Virgin Islands on St Croix really drove that fact home for me and I hope to get that information to you. Click the Preceding University link to see what you can learn here at the Homegrown Nutrients Website. The best part of it all, you will enjoy the learning process of creating your own nutritious food in your own home.

My Tech Partner, Paul Hendee and I will show you how to build your Home Grow Nutrient System for a few hundred $’s instead of the $5,000 plus that I paid for my first system (see photo below). 

Well, lets get you started with our step by step process for your Money Saving, Home Grown Nutrient food supply right here on the Home Grown Nutrients web site, Grow For It now!!